Established in 2009, Tuna Marin has attained an unprecedented position in Turkey by introducing serial manufacturing of catamaran ships.

Safeguarding the principle of “maritime security first”, the catamaran ships designed by Tuna Marin provides a safe and comfortable sailing experience thanks to their unsinkability, balance and large internal volume.

Sailing without lurching: thanks to the perfect combination of aerodynamic superstructure and hydrodynamic hull design, the ships provide an opportunity of safe sailing without lurching at rough seas.

Air Bags: unsinkability has been maximized thanks to the (4+4) 8 water proof/independent sections constructed in both hulls. Even if one section in each hull is damaged, the ship can navigate safely.

Comfort: Catamaran ships are undoubtedly the leaders at the sea in terms of comfort. They have minimum tendency to lurch and list. Catamaran ships have significant room for maneuverability and can come aboard more on shallow seashores.

Tuna Marin has started to build single-hull ships as well. The airbags built from water-proof/independent sections are also used in single-hull ships. Therefore, the risk of sinking is minimum.

Tuna Marin broadens its product range with the manufacturing of waste collection ships and underwater viewing vessels to support a cleaner environment and increase public awareness.

Tuna Marin